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The School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh is composed of four separate institutes:  Institute for Astronomy (IfA), the Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems (ICMCS), the Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics (IPNP), and EPCC.  The research interests in the School are wide and varied, at there are approximately 220 members of staff across the four institutes.

Professor Graeme Ackland, Head of the ICMCS, is the principal investigator for the Nu-FuSE project and will be leading the Fusion Materials work.  ICMCS has a long history of computational materials physics and investigating the behaviour of materials under extreme conditions such as those in a fusion reactor.



EPCC, at High Performance Computing Centre at The University of Edinburgh, was founded in 1990. The Centre aims to accelerate the effective exploitation of high performance parallel computing systems throughout academia, industry and commerce.
It houses an exceptional range of computers, with over 75 full time staff committed to the solution of real world  problems. EPCC hosts the UK’s main HPC service, HECToR. This is a Cray XT6 based system with a peak  performance of over 360 TeraFlop/s using 44,544 computational cores. EPCC works closely with world leading computational scientists to tackle problems that can be solved only by using capability computing. We have an international reputation in the application support of Computational Science and work closely with researchers in the areas of Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Physics, Mathematics and Engineering. In addition to its role as an HPC service provider to academia, EPCC provides a wide variety of services to industry including: HPC application design, development and re-engineering; HPC application performance optimisation; distributed computing consultancy and solutions; HPC facilities access; project management for software development; and data integration and data mining consultancy.

EPCC is helping to manage the Nu-FuSE project as well as providing HPC expertise and resources for the fusion materials work and the project as a whole.

For further information on EPCC please see this page.